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January 9, 2023

Premier Imaging Accepts Radiology Award for “Best Private Hospital For Radiology Services 2022”

The team at Premier Imaging, LLC is pleased to announce the organization has been awarded a Radiology Award for the BEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR RADIOLOGY SERVICES 2022!

The Radiology Awards offer an opportunity for Professionals and Organizations working within Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology to be recognized for their contributions to patient outcomes. Their goal is to come together as a global community to celebrate and highlight outstanding practices and service delivery, especially following much sacrifice throughout COVID-19.

Premier Imaging’s organization nomination read:

“Premier Imaging, LLC assumed providing professional radiology services in short notice and worked diligently to recruit all fellowship trained radiologists in all subspecialties to cover the hospital 24/7. It accomplished this during COVID by remaining committed to physician ownership, consistent and transparent terms with all physicians and offering quality work -life balance.  In less than one year, it grew to a practice of 32 fellowship trained radiologists covering all sub specialties 24/7 .”

Premier Imaging, LLC is excited to accept and share this Award, which was announced worldwide on World Radiography Day.

To see the full list of Award Winners for all categories for 2022: www.radiologyawards.com/award-winners-22

Premier Imaging Wins Best Private Hospital for Radiology Services for 2022

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