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Learn all about the screening and diagnostic imaging techniques available for the detection of early cancers or other tissue or bone abnormalities.

Premier Imaging Receives Radiology Award Winner for 2022

Premier Imaging Accepts Radiology Award for “Best Private Hospital For Radiology Services 2022”

The team at Premier Imaging, LLC is pleased to announce the organization has been awarded a Radiology Award for the BEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR RADIOLOGY SERVICES 2022! The Radiology Awards offer an opportunity for Professionals and Organizations working within Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology to be recognized for their contributions to patient outcomes. Their goal

Premier Imaging Matches New Diagnostic Radiology Residents

We’re matched! Premier Imaging, who administers the highly regarded Diagnostic Radiology residency program at Norwalk Hospital, is pleased to announce matching the 20th and 30th picks out of 95 possible candidates interviewed. Matching in the top third of candidates in this year’s match indicates the strength of our highly supportive and clinically outstanding residency training