Diagnostic Medical Imaging

CT Scan and Claustrophobia: What You Should Know

What You Should Know If getting a CT scan, also known as a Computed tomography scan, makes you nervous, don’t worry, you are not alone. Having a CT scan should not be scary.  However, having anxiety about being claustrophobic could make you nervous about having a CT scan.  Fortunately, CT scan machines are open, not

Radiologist performing MRI on patient

What to Expect During an MRI

What Happens During an MRI? During your MRI you will lie on a padded table. We do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The table then moves into the MRI machine. It is very important that you lie as still as possible so the best possible picture can be obtained. During the exam you

Digital X-Ray

Types of Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging

Types of Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging The most common diagnostic imaging technologies used by radiologists are the following: X-ray– This medical imaging technology uses low-dose radiation and a specialized plate to produce images of inside the body, especially the bones and joints. Digital X-rays use less radiation and are often used for that reason. Computerized tomography