Breast Cancer Risk

Should I Get a Mammogram at 35?

Mammograms have become a very popular procedure, especially with the worldwide awareness about breast cancer. Every woman is encouraged to get a mammogram as it’s better to take preventive measures than it is to be impacted by surprises.  A very common question asked is, “what age should a woman get a mammogram?” Generally, mammograms are

Your Guide To A Healthy Diet To Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of many causes of death. Most cancer is subtle and can often creep in. In most cases, cancer appears to be nothing until it becomes something. While most people go for routine check-ups, sometimes it can be too late and there is little or nothing patients can do. There are, however, steps

Transgender Breast Cancer Risks to Be Aware Of

Breast Cancer Risk in Transgender Women Although data on transgender women is limited, breast cancer screening guidelines in this patient population are evolving. Transgender women have a high prevalence of dense breasts, which is an independent risk for breast cancer. Transgender women differ from non-transgender women in the length of exposure to estrogens as well